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About: World of Blocks 3D

World of Blocks 3D is a sandbox-style building game that gives players the freedom to design and build virtually anything they can imagine. With a wide variety of items and materials at your disposal, you have the ability to make your wildest creations a reality.

How to play World of Blocks 3D:

Start by choosing your desired location in the game world and then start building with intuitive crafting tools. Choose from countless blocks, materials and objects to shape your world exactly how you envision it. Whether you're building a cozy little house, a bustling city, or a sprawling castle, the only limit is your creativity. Once you've built your masterpiece, take to the skies and explore your creation from a bird's-eye view using flight mode. Consider every detail and admire the fruits of your labor.


Move: WASD

Run: Left Shift

Open the blocks panel: Q

Change the blocks row: Tab

Select blocks: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Hit block: Mouse left-click

Rotate block: R

Place brick: x

Create block: mouse right-click

Crouch: c

Tourch: l

Interact: t

Throw: g

Pause: &a


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