Paper Minecraft

Welcome to! Play hundreds of survival games with blocky graphics that are updated daily and are completely free. Games with "blocky" graphics are always addictive, and you will be immediately impressed with the unique graphics and construction style of creating your own world with pixel squares.

The world in the game is created for the player mainly as 3D cubes located on the map and representing different materials such as earth, stone, ores, lava, water, wood, etc. Players can move freely around the world, but blocks can only be placed in a certain fixed position. Players can collect material blocks and place them in other places to build different structures. Express your creativity to build your own unique world.

Top 5 games with addictive "blocky" graphics

Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a 2D survival game genre with famous block graphics. You will go to collect materials, make tools, and build yourself a place to hide. With three game modes: survival, peace, and creativity to help you experience the gameplay in an endless cube world, it is extremely satisfying.

Block World

Block World is an attractive block-graphics survival-building game. With two game modes: life and freedom, very similar to real life. Mine materials and build unique structures. You are completely free to be creative because there are no limits or rules in this blocky world.

A multiplayer iOS game with attractive cube graphics. With many different game modes, the player's task is to use the available blocks to build themselves solid walls and arrange guns in positions so that they can withstand the enemies. Massive attacks by enemies throughout the game.

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a 2D game with attractive block graphics. Cool pixel visual style. With two game modes: survival and creativity. You need to build shelter and stockpile food. You can use your imagination to build structures, cities, epic worlds, and everything else.

Minecraft Tower Defense

A survival game with typical pixelated Minecraft graphics. There are two main game modes: survival and creative. You must protect your base from evil characters who can attack your tower at any time. Build an intricate path to distract your enemies. Survive as long as you can.