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Slither Io is a free multiplayer online game. Your mission is to become the biggest snake in Slither io.
There are many ways to grow snakes:
- Eat glowing orbs to feed and grow in size. The larger the size, the higher the chance of trapping the opponent.
- Eat special balls: this is the fastest way to increase size. The special orb is the corpse of dead snakes, when it dies all its glowing balls will fall, the bigger the snake, the more glowing the pellets are. Occasionally in the arena, there will be large glowing orbs floating, moving very fast, you have to chase to eat them, the value of these orbs is also very large, helping you increase in size faster.
- Use boosts to deal with enemies:
When you are racing against another snake, and have a perfect score near your opponent's head, speed up and make a sudden cut, knock your opponent over to eliminate it, eat it and grow fast. But calculate intelligently and accurately, otherwise, the dead snake will be yourself.
- Circle the smaller snakes and eat them to grow up:
When your snake is large enough, you can circle around the smaller snakes, trap and kill them.



  • Keyboard:
    UP Arrow to go at full speed
    LEFT Arrow to turn left
    RIGHT Arrow to turn right
  • Mouse:
    Move your cursor to control the direction of your snake. Click to go at full speed.

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