Castle Wars: Middle Ages

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Castle Wars: Middle Ages transports players to an era where knights, archers, and catapults dominated the battlefield. Protect your castle while trying to destroy your opponent's castle. It's an easy but hard goal.

How to play Castle Wars: Middle Ages

Each player starts with their own castle, complete with a variety of defensive and offensive units. Strategically deploy knights, archers and other units to attack your opponent's castle or defend your own. Each unit has its own good and bad points.

Collect and manage resources to build new units, upgrade defenses, and repair damage to your castle. Attack the castle of your enemy with catapults and other military weapons.
Aim carefully to maximize damage. To protect your castle from enemy attacks, you should put shooters on the walls, build defenses, and fix any damage that gets done.


+ Blue Player

  • Move: AD
  • Jump: W
  • Create a block: S 
  • Hit (hold to throw the weapon): E
  • Change weapons: Q

+ Red Player

  • Move: Left and Right arrow keys 
  • Jump: Up arrow key 
  • Create a block: Down arrow key
  • Hit (hold to throw the weapon): Spacebar
  • Change weapons: M

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