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About: The Farmer Craft

The Farmer Craft is a fun farm game. In the game, you need to create appropriate tools for survival and build your farm to grow, taking care of and raising large animals quickly to produce meat, milk and eggs.

How to play Farmer Craft is a series of repetitive tasks such as:

Feed the animals: collect food for the animals, such as grass, grain, etc.; don't let them starve.
Craft survival tools: by collecting rocks, wood, and grass to make torches, ropes, knives, etc.
Materials: Sell finished products from livestock, such as eggs, milk, meat, etc., to increase income.


Use the WASD keys or mouse click to move.
Use the Q and E keys to rotate the camera.
Use the mouse to attack, pick up items, zoom, etc.
Use Left Click to move items from inventory.
Use the C key to open the manual section.
Use the ESC key to pause.
Use the Space key to dismount.
Use the mouse scroll to zoom in or out.


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