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Paper Minecraft Christmas has the same gameplay and graphics as the original Minecraft version, but this version is cuter. Also with creativity and survival mechanisms. You feel completely familiar.


Full-screen tile scrolling system
Adaptive lighting engine with day/night
Randomly generated, fully destructive terrain or buildable
Randomly generated, fully destructible, buildable terrain of hills, valleys, pools, trees, cave systems, waterfalls, lava falls, beaches, and cacti
Animated players and mobs
The mining system works with a line-of-sight system working outwards away from the player.
Fully working crafting system, including inventory crafting and crafting table crafting
A fully working furnace system for smelting ores and cooking food
Ignitable exploding TNT
Chests contain items.
The player sustains fall damage and has oxygen-level bubbles when submerged.


L: Toggle Lighting Mode (Off = fast, but hard to tell it's night.)
1 to 9: Change blocks in hand
Click the Mine or Place block.
WASD: Walk/Swim Left, Right, Up, and Down
E: Open inventory, chest, crafting table, furnace, or door!
Space: Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging.
F: Eat food (whatever you are holding at the time).
P: Pause game (P again to unpause)
Talk: Enter something to say or type a command.
O: That's the letter O, to save your game.

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