About: is a master multiplayer IO game for survival. In the game, you need to build your own empire by collecting a lot of gold. Gold will be used to buy soldiers and build towers.

How to play

Go around the map to collect as many gold coins. Then build a strong defensive base with many walls to prevent enemy attacks and protect your property.
Once you have a base that you feel stable, with a certain amount of guards, think of other ways to get rich quick, but you need to firmly accept the risk:
Let's build gold mines on deposits. Gold mines can be upgraded with gold, which will bring high capacity and production output. Only in such ways can you quickly become a rich lord.
When you feel you can fight, attack other lords. Destroy buildings, rob gold mines to get richer and stronger, and buy more baskets.
And the opponent is also ready to attack you at any time. Be careful!


Move your mouse to control the Lord.
I want to build a house.
R to build a tower
T to summon a soldier
To summon knights
U to summon an archer
I to summon barbarians.
O to summon dragon
Space bar to split the army


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